Skerningham Garden Village



Skerningham Garden Village Vision

“A locally distinctive, sustainable and thriving new community that is well integrated and has excellent connections with Darlington incorporating Garden City principles.


It will provide a balanced mix of high quality housing as well as diverse employment opportunities and an excellent network of green infrastructure which connects into existing areas of environmental value including the River Skerne corridor.”



Garden City Principles


The proposal will be enshrined in the principles of the Garden City movement. The Town and Country Planning Association set out a number of Garden City principles which will be delivered at Skerningham (inter alia):


A strategic approach - strong vision and leadership and community engagement

Strong cultural, recreational and shopping facilities in walkable, vibrant, sociable neighbourhoods

Mixed tenure homes and housetypes that are genuinely affordable for everyone

Integrated and accessible transport systems designed to be the most attractive form of local transport

Development which enhances the natural environment providing a comprehensive green infrastructure network that incorporates net biodiversity gains

Beautifully and imaginatively designed homes with gardens, combining the very best of town and country living to create healthy homes in vibrant communities.